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Sadev ST75-14 Sequential gearbox

Hi, i have available a Sadev ST75-14
Sequential gearbox for Vauxhall Opel 1.6/1.4
etc engines. Perfect for 1600 1400 engines in
rallying with the below ratios, or with a
chnage of final drive, perfect for circuit
racing also.

The price includes:-

1 x SADEV ST75-14 gearbox

1 x Harry Hockley Bellhousing to attach above
to smallblock 1400/1600 engine

1 x Harry Hockley engine and gearbox mounting
kit for a Nova install

1 x Gearstick (tunnel direct mount)

1 x SADEV reverse cable

1 x Spare SADEV potentiometer

1 x pair of driveshafts with inner and outer
CV’s (done as equal length shaft set up with
mount to back of engine block)

1 x New Geartronics Digital Gear Display

1 x Driveshafts to suit, equal length set up

Data on this gearbox:

1st : 12×34

2nd : 17×36

3rd : 18×30

4th : 22×30

5th : 24×28

6th : 21×23

Final drive 12×55

Max RPM to be used : 9,000

Engine torque : 185

Endurance /sprint : Tarmac Rally Sprint
Engine HP : 260bhp

Done very few miles and ready to be bolted in
and used. I bought this for a project which
has never seen completion so time to sell all
the parts from it.

Preis (CHF):5000
Erfasst am:2019-10-07 20:06:13


Ort:Lake Oswego

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